Tech Week Storage 24
Open Source Storage Technologies for the Exabyte Era
11-19th March 2024

TechWeekStorage is about open storage ecosystems in research and academia, public institutions, international organisations and commercial providers.

It is a week-long opportunity for connection, collaboration and discussion on storage services, open source software-defined storage and data management technology, data policies & trends, innovative applications, collaboration platforms, digital sovereignty, FAIR and Open Science, Security and Privacy of Data and more.

In particular, TechWeekStorageCERN24 brings a unique opportunity to learn about CERN storage and data management technologies directly from their authors, and to meet the experts and interact with the technical teams (“Meet The Team”).

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Connect to a wider community and discuss
service-, policy- and technology landscape
with Sync&Share storage providers:
CS3 Conference
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Get detailed insights into the CERN's
open-source storage system for storing and
processing LHC data:
EOS Workshop

Meet the Team and soak up all the tech
know-how directly from the CERN
storage experts:
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Discover and learn about CERN Tape Archive
long term custodial storage of CERN and
the Experiments:
CTA Workshop
TechWeekStorage24 Schedule & Booking
You should register to each event separately. The number of places is limited.
Date Event Catering
11-13 March 2024 CS3 Conference 2024 full catering included in the fee
14 March 2024 (morning) CERN Storage Technologies: Plenary Presentations coffee breaks only, free of charge
14 March 2024 (afternoon) Meet the Team: CEPH, CERNBox, EOS, CTA coffee breaks only, free of charge
15 March 2024 EOS Workshop coffee breaks only, free of charge
weekend break
18-19 March 2024 CTA Workshop coffee breaks only, free of charge


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Brought to you by the CERN IT Storage and Data Management group

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